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The “shower scene”: just as scary as the original, but for a different reason—liquid plant food on the 55th floor— “phishing” at—on the perils of being coney-cozened. ... Masochistium Clickium Hic!

With wonderful expression!

T: I crept into the bathroom this morning, just as Morpheus was taking a shower. ... Hmm! ... Nice! However, I should hasten to add that this blog contains no sexually explicit material whatsoever. Sorry, Mr. Mackintosh! Now that I've lost ninety percent of my audience, let me continue for the benefit of those few sexually fulfilled souls that remain.

Well, Morpheus was singing to himself. Remember B.S. and that song? If you do then just sing along to the variant that Morpheus was crooning:

Where is Advice?

“Isn’t it great,
Such a low price!
But, is it a scam?
Me to entice!

Where is advice?
Oh! Where is advice?
Advice, it is here!”

Now, I sneakily made a recording. My intention was to post it to this blog by way of retribution for a certain remark made by a certain person regarding a certain item of apparel! But I don’t wish to inflict upon you “cruel and unusual punishment”—Morpheus’ talents as a singer/songwriter are on a par with Dear George’s mastery of the English language! So I’ve thought the better of it!

M: Ha! I see that Tiffs has already started this blog entry without me. … Hmm! … Well, if I might adapt Algernon to the occasion: “I don’t sing accurately—any one can sing accurately—but I sing with wonderful expression. As far as singing is concerned, sentiment is my forte. I keep science for Life.” Now Tiffs, I’m sure that had our readers downloaded your MP3 they would not have forgotten us in a hurry.

T: I agree! The trouble is that whilst our readers would not have forgotten us, what they’re likely to have remembered is never again to visit us!

Is it a Scam?

M: Enough frivolity! We thought, dear reader, we might blog a little over the next few weeks about scams. How can you tell if a site is operating a scam? Now suppose you want to track down a source of liquid plant feed to encourage those beautiful roses to climb over the arch that dangles outside your window on the 55th floor of a tower block in the smog filled city of “Grownot”. So you search Google for gardening sites. Now the chances are that every site you examine will be genuine, the real McCoy—for some reason scammers don’t seem to have green-fingers!

But if you decide to search for a privacy product or service—particularly a financial product or service—then you won’t have to look too far down your list of hits before you come across a site that’s operating a scam, or is, at least, being somewhat economical with the truth regarding the product or service on offer. So, in trying to prevent the ordinary everyday scams you are at a greater risk than usual of being scammed—so be warned!

Perhaps, you’ve got a web site address from somewhere. Maybe you came across it whilst peeking at the contents of the spam in your inbox—naughty, naughty! Maybe the web address is a recommendation from a friend. Or, maybe someone was singing it’s praises on some message board. But is it the genuine article? Maybe someone is just “phishing” for your personal details?

Suppose, for example, that the address you’ve got is Now, you’ve heard about e-currency and you’ve heard that Egoldielocks is a reputable e-currency issuer. So you go to the site; you sign up for an account; and you deposit some gold into that account. But, then you discover a few days later that someone—unbeknownst to you—has withdrawn that which you put in. You’ve been had! A little detective work reveals that the site you thought you were visiting is actually called and not

Now, how can you avoid making this kind of mistake? How can you avoid being scammed, fleeced, flimflammed, hoodwinked, hornswoggled, coney-cozened, led up the garden path on route to the cleaners?

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