Punish the Innocent

Why you need a memory implant—why you must “remember” not to grow old—why the innocent will be imprisoned. ... Masochistium Clickium Hic!

Why the Innocent are Guilty

What does RIPA mean for you in practice. Now operating systems and computer software are increasingly encrypting files by default. So if you buy a standard PC off the shelf at your local computer store, you may well—totally unbeknownst to you—be encrypting files. And what is this “encryption key” that they keep talking about? Well, it’s just what ordinary everyday people call a password. Now, have you ever forgotten a computer password? Yes, we all have. But you’d better get a memory implant, or take some of those smart memory-enhancing drugs, or make sure you never grow old because forgetting your password could cost you two years in the “clink”.

Why the Innocent will be Imprisoned

And don’t think that just because you’re innocent you’ll never be asked to hand over your password or to face imprisonment. When it comes to managerial competence, Blair’s government makes that of a banana republic look positively “Swiss”. Even within the last few days the UK government has admitted that 1500 people have been wrongly identified by the Criminal Records Bureau—and this “error” represents just a drop in the ocean of government maladministration. Now Blair told us that these 1500 falsely accused people don’t matter, since, statistically speaking, the numbers are small in comparison to the total UK population. Doubtless you’ll find it very comforting to reflect upon such uplifting statements when you’re rotting in prison because your name resembled that of some terrorist suspect.

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