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Blesseth is the sinner who repenteth—well, let’s see—dancing all the way to the fabled Pecunixie Land. ... Masochistium Clickium Hic!

Blesseth is the Sinner who Repenteth

To err is human; to correct your errors with expedition is divine. Well, according to this definition Pecunix has deity potential. You may remember, dear reader, that we blogged on the problems that our friend Luigi was having with the Pecunix account creation process a short while ago. Well, we got an email from Pecunix in response, and despite the fact we gave their derrière a very thorough kicking, they said they found our blog entry “very helpful”. Ah, if only every organization was as willing to take criticism on the chin in such a square-jawed, testosterone-filled, and manly fashion!

Well, let’s see

However, what is always more important than mere words is affirmative action, and the good folks at Pecunix also said in their email that they had “corrected the problem”. Well, we had a quick look, and indeed they have. We started out with cookies and Javascript disabled as Luigi had done previously in his mountaineering attempts. As soon as we got to the T&Cs screen, there at the bottom was the message:

The Pecunix site uses Javascript. Please activate Javascript in your browser before you continue

We enabled Javascript and pressed “I Accept”. And then we were greeted with the message:

You have a COOKIE problem!

Please set your browser to accept COOKIES from this site, then begin the account creation process again.

More Information

The Pecunix site uses cookies to establish a secure session for you while you use the secure site. The cookie will be deleted from your browser when you close your secure session with Pecunix. If you set your browser to accept cookies from the Pecunix site you will be able to continue.

You have a Javascript problem!

Please activate Javascript in your browser , then begin the account creation process again.

Yes, we did have a cookie problem. But, oops, it’s Pecunix, rather than us, who has the Javascript problem!

But, as requested, we went back to the beginning, enabled cookies (only first-party cookies are required), tried again…and…and success! There were no messages this time, and led by the Pied Piper with his siren song of gleaming gold we danced with ease all the way into the fabled Pecunixie Land.

Now, it would help the user to display the cookie and Javascript warnings on the same page. And given that some potential users, like Luigi, may never have heard of cookies or Javascript, a link to a help page, explaining how to “do the deed” with the major browsers would add that warm, glowing, “they care about me” feeling. But, all in all, these are minor quibbles.

Luigi says, “He who make-a de amends, make-a de money!” And we agree. Well done Pecunix, a responsive organization is one the world likes to do business with!

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