E-Gold: On being
economical with the Truth!

What Big Brother expects—on supping with someone who sups with the Devil—why Pecunix has far better table manners than e-gold. ... Masochistium Clickium Hic!

What Big Brother expects

The “Name”, “Address Details”, “Email Address”, and “Telephone Number” that you enter into the e-gold account creation form should be just what e-gold and Big Brother expect them to be—namely yours! Now, of course, you could enter “pseudonymous” details for these fields, and we suspect a fair proportion of the existing e-gold account holders have been—how shall we put it delicately—“economical with the truth”.

Supping with the Devil

We’ll have more to say about “pseudonymous” entities on another occasion, but suffice it to say that if a web site asks you to enter personal details, then the validity of those details forms an integral part of the contract, often implied, between you and the web site service provider.

In the case of e-gold, your personal details aren’t verified when you create an account. But beware, that doesn’t mean never-ever! If, one day, your personal details need to be verified for some reason and that verification fails, then you might find your assets frozen. And that day might not be too far in the future now that e-gold is “supping with the Devil”—in his incarnation as the U.S. Treasury—but without the requisite “long spoon” of having a data processing centre that is based off-shore! So, if you’re struck by a sudden bout of amnesia when entering your personal details, then it would be wise to maintain the balance on your e-gold account at a suitably low-level—one that won’t bring tears to your eyes should the contents be “appropriated” by some criminal organization, be it “little” or “large”!

Pecunix: Details, what Details?

But, if you want a really, really private e-currency account then why not try Pecunix, an e-currency issuer who takes your privacy very, very seriously—well, apart from one not-so-wee aspect that we shall harp on about in due course! Now, with a Pecunix account, the divulging of personal details during the account creation process is entirely optional, as indeed it should be. And you can’t be asked to verify information that you were never required to provide in the first place!

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