E-Gold: My first E-currency Account

Why, when it comes to e-currency, e-gold is a very good place to start—why charity begins at home—why we’re feeling a little guilty—want a link to a site that specializes in Russian dolls…ouch!…the kind that wrap themselves around one another in what the Prof thinks is a very “sexy” manner? ... Masochistium Clickium Hic!

Your very own Bar of Gold?

T: Owning some e-gold is much the same as owning some real gold: imagine that there in a dark and silent vault, protected by a vast array of security devices, gleams a bar of gold with your name on it. Or, to be more precise, imagine that there on some computer hard disk, protected by a vast array of security devices, sits an account entry which states that you are entitled to a certain fraction of a gold bar—perhaps not so romantic, but that’s life!

Why e-gold?

M: But why choose e-gold for your first adventure into the realm of e-currencies? Well, e-gold is the most widely used e-currency at present. So, since it’s not much fun having e-currency you can’t spend on something you want to spend it on, we suggest you start off with an e-gold account (sorry 1mdc and Pecunix; but, despair not, for we shall sing your respective praises in due course).

Giving will make you feel better!

M: Now, the vice-like grip around my neck brings to mind another minor consideration, a truly trifling one, as to why we’re…I’m…suggesting you start off with an e-gold account. You see if you don’t have an e-gold account then you will lack the means to make charitable donations to truly deserving causes…such as…such as…such as…

Now, we can’t impress upon you enough that giving will make you feel better, and, what’s even more important, your giving will make us feel better too—clearly a win-win situation! Mad we may be, but it’s madness with some method to it!

The Greater Good!

T: However, hands on hearts, we feel obliged to inform you that there exist charitable causes more worthy than our own, such as…

M: Since we make use of Tor, but haven’t the bandwidth to run a Tor server, we feel a little guilty—not a lot, but enough to plug Tor every now and then. You see the angelic beings who run the Tor Project have created the world’s best software for discreet, inconspicuous Internet browsing—software that is open-source and free! And assisted by hundreds of worthy souls who run this software on their web servers all around the world, the Tor Project has created the world’s most anonymous chain of proxy servers.

Got any spare Bandwidth?

M: The problem with Tor is that its hundreds of thousands of users take more bandwidth from the service than they contribute bandwidth to the service, so at times the response time of Tor makes the alacrity and dispatch of a standard 56k modem look like the “Road Runner” by way of comparison! So, if you’ve got a web server with some spare bandwidth then please contribute.

Read all about it

T: So, once you’ve set up and funded your e-gold account your first donation should go to Tor! If you want to know the details of why Tor is the best thing since “sliced bread”, or if you want to download a free copy, then go to…

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